Supportive Lifestyles

Our Supportive Lifestyles team provide personalised support for individuals, helping them to continue living in their own homes or Supportive Lifestyles flats. We provide tailored care packages for people with mental health issues, learning disabilities, complex needs, physical health and mobility issues, with the goal of supporting them to live as independently and comfortably as possible.


Our Supportive Lifestyles service caters for all ages and a wide variety of specialist needs. For us it’s not just about delivering a service, we make sure that we create a warm and supportive environment to help people carry on their everyday lives.

Our staff are trained to meet the unique requirements of the people we care for. We build teams of highly skilled Support Workers and our personalised approach means that we can help out in someone’s home or Supportive Lifestyles flat for up to 24 hours a day, providing personalised and caring support for our clients whenever they need it.

We support our staff in their career goals and help them to develop their skills to suit the individual they are caring for and to suit their ambitions for the future. Whether they want to move into management, across services, or into a completely different role, our amazing award-winning training team are here to support them.

We believe that if people feel cared for, they will care for others.